access.caltech Password Change

access.caltech Password Change

Recent security incidents at various sites, including Caltech, highlight the need for strong, unique passwords for important accounts such as your access.caltech account. In the wake of a recent security incident, we are asking all users to update their passwords as a precaution. You can update your password by logging into and selecting "Manage My Password". This is also a good opportunity to set security questions on your account for self-service password reset, in case you forget your new password. You can set security questions by choosing Set Password Questions within access.caltech.

With the increasing availability of fast, cheap computing power for conducting attacks against passwords, shorter passwords can no longer be considered secure. IMSS has increased the minimum access.caltech password length from 8 characters to 10, and we encourage you to think of your password as a pass PHRASE rather than a word. The maximum password length is currently 20 characters.

If you use your access.caltech account to access your e-mail/calendar from a desktop application or other devices such as tablets, smart phones, etc., please be sure to update your saved password on these devices as well.

Please change your password before March 30, 2013. If you need assistance, contact the Help Desk (x3500, (request type IMSS-->Accounts-->Other) during our regular business hours from 8AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday.

Instructions To Change access.caltech Password

  1. Log in to access.caltech.
  2. From the top menu, click on Manage My Password.

  3. In the Manage My Password window, type your existing password, then your new password, and finally retype your new password. Note that the password requirements are noted on this window. ClickReset Password.

access.caltech Password Change