FileSender, a service operated by Internet2, allows customers at member institutions to easily share large files (up to 1TB) at no cost. Caltech is a member institution so this service is available to all campus users with an access.caltech account.

To use the service:

  1. Go to

  2. Select California Institute of Technology from the list of available organizations.
  3. You willbe taken to a Caltech login page where you can enter your access.caltech username and password.
  4. You can then begin sharing large files up to 1TB in size.



  • Uploads of any size with HTML5
    • You need a very recent browser supporting HTML5, the latest version of the "language of the web"
    • Currently Firefox 4 (and higher) and Chrome on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux are known to work
  • Downloads of any size
    • You need a modern browser; Adobe Flash or HTML5 are not required for downloads.
  • Uploads smaller than 2 Gigabytes (2GB) with Adobe Flash
    • If you can watch YouTube videos this method should work for you
    • You need a modern browser running version 10 (or higher) of Adobe Flash
    • FileSender will warn you should you try to upload a file that is too big for this method
  • Limits of FileSender
    • Maximum recipient addresses per email: Up to 100 email addresses separated by a comma or semi-colon
    • Maximum number of files per upload: one - to upload several files in one transaction, compress them into a single archive first
    • Maximum file size per upload, with Adobe Flash only: 2 GB
    • Maximum file / voucher expiry days: 14