Caltech Emergency Notification System

Caltech Emergency Notification System

In the event of a fire, earthquake or other emergency, members of the Caltech community need information as quickly as possible: Has the campus been closed? Do we need to evacuate or take shelter? What‘s happening?

Caltech has contracted with Connect-ED to provide emergency notification to all Caltech students, faculty and staff using the contact information from access.caltech. To be included in the notification process, Connect-ED requires at least one valid phone number for each person.

For this system to be effective, your access.caltech contact information must be current. To verify or update your contact information, please:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your access.caltech user name and password
  3. Go to My Personal Information
  4. Click on Name and E-mail and enter/verify/correct your primary e-mail address
  5. Click on Addresses and Phones and review/edit/add phone numbers

Connect-ED can notify you using three communications methods:

  1. Voice calls/messages to your home, work and mobile phones
  2. An e-mail to your primary e-mail address
  3. An SMS text message to your mobile phone
    • Caltech emergency SMS messages should show a sender identity of 23177 or63079 (Connect-ED)
    • To suspend delivery of SMS messages (most carriers permit this), text STOP CALTECH to 23177
    • To re-subscribe, text SUBSCRIBE CALTECH to 23177

Questions? Contact the IMSS Help Desk at x3500 or

Caltech Emergency Notification System