Changes to IMSS Blackberry Services

For several years, IMSS has provided Blackberry Enterprise Services (BES) for Caltech customers who wish to integrate Blackberrys with IMSS Exchange to sync their email, calendars, contacts and tasks. Please note that IMSS will continue to provide BES services to existing Blackberry customers for approximately one year, but we are no longer adding Blackberry devices to our current BES service. Blackberry 10, Blackberry's newest mobile operating system, can natively sync with IMSS Exchange, so BES is no longer necessary to use Blackberry 10 devices at Caltech.

We are making this change in response to the declining number of campus Blackberry customers. With the increasing popularity of iPhone and Android devices at Caltech and elsewhere, we believe this is the most efficient use of our resources. We encourage current BES customers to consider switching to an iPhone, Android or Blackberry 10 at their next opportunity (i.e. when you become eligible for upgrade or your contract is complete and you plan to move to a new wireless carrier). BES customers who wish to keep their current Blackberrys for more than one year will need to migrate to their wireless carrier's Blackberry integration services, commonly known as BIS.

For information on mobile devices and service plans, please contact the Telecommunications Office (x5995). For assistance setting up your mobile device, please contact the Help Desk (x3500,