Time Keeping (Kronos) Limited x96 More Compatible & Secure

Due to serious security and compatibility issues with Java, IMSS recommends using Time Keeping (Kronos) Limited instead of regular Time Keeping (Kronos). Time Keeping Limited, the lighter version of Time Keeping, does not require Java and is compatible with all common operating systems and browsers. Time Keeping Limited can also accomplish the same common tasks and functions as regular Time Keeping for employees and managers.

You can login to Time Keeping Limited at http://kronoslimited.caltech.edu. For more information on using Time Keeping Limited, please visit http://imss.caltech.edu/help/KronosTraining.

As a reminder, IMSS strongly recommends using Java only when absolutely necessary and frequently keeping up on security updates. Note that IMSS regularly maintains Java on all Managed Computing PCs.

For questions or concerns, please contact us at http://help.caltech.edu using request type IMSS > Applications-Self Service > Time Keeping (Kronos) > Other.