IMSS recommends updating to Java 7

Several of the applications that IMSS maintains will soon be optimized to use Java 7. IMSS urges you to update to the latest version of Java 7 immediately to avoid problems with using these Java-dependent applications, as well as protect your computer from using older and insecure versions of Java. Instructions on how to download and install Java 7 can be found at

IMSS also recommends uninstalling Java 6, which is not automatically removed when updating to Java 7. Instructions to uninstall older and insecure Java versions can be found at: 

Additionally, IMSS recommends downloading and installing a custom Java configuration file on your computer. Installing this configuration file will further assist with security and compatibility with IMSS applications and it will prevent persistent, yet harmless, security warnings from appearing when using specific IMSS applications. Instructions for downloading and installing this file can be found at

Also note that in order for some IMSS applications to work with Internet Explorer 10, compatibility mode must be enabled. Instructions for setting up compatibility mode can be found at

Kronos is one of the applications that will be optimized to use Java 7. IMSS would like to remind you that you can avoid any potential issues with Java by using Kronos Limited instead, which does not require Java to run. To use Kronos Limited, go to

As a final note, IMSS managed computing customers were updated to Java 7 and had the custom configuration file installed during our maintenance window on 11/14, and therefore will not need to take any further action. 

For questions or further advice, please contact the Help Desk (x3500,