Ricoh - Hold Print Setup on OS X (DIR)

If you need assistance creating the Custom Presets below, please contact the Help Desk at x3500 or at (request type IMSS-->Desktop Support-->Printer Problems).

Part 1 - Setup Your Printer

  1. Make sure the Ricoh printer(s) you want to print to have been installed on your Mac.
    • DIR-ML3-W-RICOH –
    • DIR-ML4-W-RICOH –
    • DIR-ML5-W-RICOH –
  2. Note: This example will use the detailed view of the print options screen from the Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011.
  3. From the print options screen within your Outlook client, choose your Locked - B&W preset (you will also need to do the same steps for your Locked - Color preset) from the Presets pull-down menu option.
  4. Select Job Log from the Outlook pull-down menu option.
  5. Check the Enable User Code checkbox, select Locked Print from the Job Type pull-down menu option, type in your "access.caltech username" in the User ID field, and the “password” (not your access.caltech password) given to you by Vicki Sumner in the Password field and again in the User Code field.
  6. Select Save from the Outlook pull-down menu option.

Part 2 - Retrieving Your Documents

  1. Go to the Ricoh printer, and press the Printer button
  2. Select Print Jobs
  3. Select your access.caltech Username
  4. Select Print
  5. Enter your password (given to you by Vicki Sumner)
  6. Press OK
  7. Selected YES and your print job should begin

If you need assistance, please contact the Help Desk at at (request type IMSS-->Desktop Support-->Printer Problems)or call x3500.