Windows Roaming Profiles Discontinued

As of July 28, 2006, Information Management Systems and Services (IMSS) - formerly Information Technology Services (ITS) - removed the usage of Roaming Profiles on Windows computers maintained by the group. The decision to do this also coincided with the replacement and migration of the OCCUPANT file and print server, where each user's Windows Roaming Profile was stored.

The usage of Windows Roaming Profiles came as a great benefit in the past several years for users who used multiple Windows desktop computers around the campus. However, the resources required to continue this service have diminished over time, especially due to problems that started to greatly affect the usage of Roaming Profiles. Two examples included, laptop computers that continously 'connect to' and 'disconnect from' the network, and software programs that tend to store large amounts of data inside the user's Roaming Profile (which also lowered the amount of quota hard disk space available to the user).

To continue providing campus users with a computing experience resembling the usage of Roaming Profiles, IMSS will continue to redirect the user's Windows 'Desktop' (folder), their 'My Documents' folder, and the contents they place on their mapped N:\\ network drive to the new replacement file server. Users can feel assured that the data they save in these three locations will be available to them when they log into Active Directory (e.g. the "ITS" Windows domain). The Roaming Profile data that defines the users' specific environment settings and preferences (e.g. configuration settings for installed applications, bookmarks, IE Favorites, screensavers, etc.) will no longer be saved to the server.

If you have any questions regarding the discontinuance of Windows Roaming Profiles, please contact the IMSS Help Desk at (request type IMSS-->Desktop Support-->Other)or x3500.