Technical Overview

Exchange provides email, contacts, calendaring, tasks, and notes in one integrated platform. Any or all of these elements may be securely delegated to other persons (example: Administrative Assistants). Calendars, contact lists, and task lists may also be created in public folders which can be shared securely between select people and groups around Caltech.

The default mailbox size is 5GB for server storage of all Exchange data. This can be increased in 1GB increments for an additional cost.

Exchange Webmail Client

Exchange's webmail client, Outlook Web Access (OWA), permits full access to all Exchange data in an easily navigable web interface. OWA sessions are SSL encrypted, so it's easy to remotely check your email securely from any web browser. Web access is supported by all the major browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Safari and Chrome on all platforms including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Exchange Native Client

If you'd prefer to use a native client, IMSS recommends Microsoft Outlook 2007 or higher for Windows (although earlier versions of Outlook will work) and Microsoft Outlook 2011 for the Mac. Apple Mail, iCal and Address Book on Mac OS X 10.6 or higher also natively support Exchange.

Mobile Devices

For mobile devices that natively support ActiveSync -- this includes iPhones, iPads, Androids and Windows Mobile devices -- users can wirelessly synchronize their Exchange email, calendar and contacts over any 3G, 4G or wi-fi connection that their device supports. The IMSS Exchange Service also supports 'Direct Push Technology' on some mobile devices that support this feature.

For email clients and mobile devices that don't natively support Exchange, the service also supports Secure IMAP.