CITNet Telecommunications Room Access

All network telecommunication rooms on campus are critical to the integrity and reliability of the campus network. To preserve this, access to telecommunication room is generally restricted to IMSS VDN staff and other authorized personnel only. Under certain conditions, access may be granted to non-IMSS users who observe these specific guidelines.

This document addresses the shared use of some telecommunication room locations on campus and the need for various trades to work in these locations to provide support to building occupants and the campus.


  • Any work performed in these spaces shall be done in a manner as not to damage cabling or systems located these spaces.
  • At no time shall doors be propped open, left open or left unlocked while the room(s) are unattended.
  • Permission must be granted prior to access of CITNet spaces. Access will be granted on a per shop or per project basis.
  • There are "no user serviceable parts" located in the Telecommunication Rooms.
  • At no time shall motors (drills/saws/vacuums/heaters...) be connected to circuits providing power to network equipment.
  • Keys that are checked out from the CIT Lockshop are done on a per day basis. There is no "long term" issuance of keys without a completed Caltech Key Control Card issued by IMSS VDN. IMSS VDN will be notified by the Caltech Lockshop when a key is checked out.

Permitted Parties

  • IMSS VDN Staff (issued permanent keys)
  • Caltech Electric Shop (issued permanent keys)
  • Caltech Fire Alarm (issued permanent keys)
  • Caltech Campus Security (issued one key)
  • Caltech Shops - All Trades (key checkout via CIT Lock Shop)
  • Caltech Central Plant - All Trades (key checkout via CIT Lock Shop)*
  • Caltech D&C Staff (key checkout via CIT Lock Shop)

* Central Plant issued key is for off-hours emergency access only.

Limited Access

  • Non-campus contractors ("Outside contractors") performing work in CITNet spaces are permitted to work in telecommunications rooms only with prior approval by IMSS VDN and while escorted by campus staff. This applies to all trades needing to work in these locations. At no time shall a non-campus entity be issued CITNet keys or work unescorted.
  • Non-campus contractors performing troubleshooting of non-IMSS systems located in an Telecommunication Rooms may have access and work only while escorted by a Permitted Party.

Prohibited Access

  • Anyone not approved for access.

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