Hourly Rate Details

Support Type Details Business Hours Rate
(M-F, 8AM-5PM)
Client Support Support for client systems such as desktops, laptops and PDAs $75/Hour
Server Support Support for all server systems $100/Hour

Tasks are tracked in 15 minute increments and billed on a monthly basis using POETAs (via a web internal charge).

Because many support requests involve both client and server work, we will take care to charge appropriately for each task. To better illustrate the difference between client and server support, we have put together the following task examples and their resultant charges:

"We want to give other groups on campus access to our departmental file server"

We would bill $100/hour for the server tasks (account administration and permissions changes to the department's file server) and we would bill $75/hour for any assistance the groups require to gain access to the file server.

"My group uses the IMSS Exchange Cluster. We need assistance setting up a number of recently purchased PDAs to access our mail and calendar."

This support would be billed at $75/hour.

"I would like IMSS to build and manage a group of new servers for an upcoming research project."

All server support tasks (backups, accounts, permissions, troubleshooting, vendor management, etc.) would be billed at $100/hour.

"My home computer has been compromised and I need to someone to help me rebuild it."

This support would be billed at $75/hour.