Data Network Refresh Schedule

The campus data network refresh project is well underway and will continue into 2016. See below for building status and upgrade schedule.


Network Refresh Complete:  The workgroup switches and building switches (where applicable) have both been upgraded to support 1Gb ports.
Network Refresh Partially Complete:  The workgroup switches in some or all of the telecommunications rooms have been upgraded to support 1Gb ports.  The building switches still need to be upgraded to support the 1Gb ports.
Network Refresh Not Started:  See schedule below.
Note:  This schedule represents our best estimate.  Delays in receiving equipment and other factors may result in a change to the schedule.


Building Status
Alles Lab Complete
Annenberg Complete
Arms Lab Complete
Audio Visual Complete
Baxter Hall Complete
Beckman Auditorium Complete
Bridge Lab Complete
Broad Cafe Complete
Central Eng. Services Complete
Chandler Dining Hall Complete
Chester Ave. 216 (Hardey House) Complete
Children's Center Complete
Crellin Lab Complete
CSS South Complete
Financial Services Complete
Firestone Complete
Gates Annex Complete
Gates-Thomas Lab Complete
Guggenheim Lab Complete
Isotope Complete
Jorgensen Lab Complete
Karman Lab Complete
Keck Center Complete
Keck Lab Complete
Lauritsen Lab Complete
Marks/Braun Houses Complete
Mead Lab Complete
Millikan Library Complete
N. Mudd Complete
North Undergrad Complete
Noyes Lab Complete
Powell-Booth Complete
Robinson (Linde+Robinson) Complete
Sherman Fairchild Library Complete
Sloan Lab Complete
Spalding Lab Complete
Steele House Complete
SUP Holliston Parking Complete
Synchotron Lab Complete
Tolman-Bacher House Complete
Transportation Complete
Tyson House Complete
USGS North Complete
USGS South Complete
Wilson Parking North Complete
Wilson Parking South Complete
Young Health Center Complete


Fall 2014 Schedule  
Hill Ave 363 (Einstein Papers) Partially Complete


Winter 2015 Schedule  
Beckman Behavioral Lab Partially Complete
Broad Lab Partially Complete
Kerckhoff Lab Partially Complete
Beckman Institute Partially Complete
Moore Lab Partially Complete


Spring 2015 Schedule  
Steele Lab Partially Complete
Watson Lab Partially Complete
S Mudd Partially Complete
Dabney Hall Partially Complete


Summer 2015 Schedule  
Braun Lab Partially Complete
Church Lab Not started
Schlinger Partially Complete
Cahill Partially Complete
Kellogg Lab Partially Complete


Fall 2015 Schedule  
Athenaeum Partially Complete
Braun/Brown Gym Not started
California Parking Structure Not started
IMSS Partially Complete
Winnett Not started


Winter 2016 Schedule  
Avery House Partially Complete
Chester Ave. 266 (ISS) Not started
Facilities Partially Complete
Satellite Utility Plant Not started
South Undergrad Partially Complete


Spring 2016 Schedule  
Catalina Ave. 516
(Provost's House)
Not started
Center for Student Services Partially Complete
Keith Spalding Partially Complete
Parsons-Gates Partially Complete
Wilson Ave. Houses Not started


Summer 2016 Schedule  
Central Plant Not started
Hill Ave. Houses Partially Complete
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