Installing Apps using Meraki

  1. Find the Meraki MDM app and tap its icon once to open.

  2. When the app opens the first time, you will be asked if the app is allowed to send notifications to the user. Tap “OK” to proceed.

  3. The Meraki app will ask you to enable Location Services. Tap the “Enable” button to continue.

  4. Tap the “Allow” button to enable the app to access Location Services in the background.

  5. You will now see the Meraki Home screen. This will indicate your device’s Status (it should be Connected, Enrolled, and Compliant) and Recent Activity (Apps and documents recently added).

  6. The Meraki MDM app has two other screens accessible from the icons on a row at the bottom of the screen: Backpack and Apps. You will use the Apps screen to add more (Backpack will show documents that have been shared with you).

  7. Tap the Apps icon to navigate to the screen showing the Managed Apps that are available to you for use.  The apps already installed will have checkmarks next to their icon and name, and are listed above apps that are licensed but not installed.  Instead of a checkmark these apps have a cloud-with-a-downward-arrow symbol, indicating you can tap to begin downloading them. After you tap the cloud symbol, it will be replaced with a spinning gear while the app is downloaded (the download may take a few minutes if the app is large).

  8. Once the download is finished, your new app will be added to the Home Screen, and the icon and name will move up to the top of the Apps screen with a checkmark next to it.

  9. You can now begin using the app as normal.
  10. If you ever need to delete the app from your device, you must request the app be removed by an administrator.