Features Comparison

  Baseline Software Update Managed Computing
Install updates and patches for Java, Adobe Acrobat & Reader, Firefox ESR, Flash, and Office during regular maintenance windows
Install and update other software
IMSS Help Desk technicians have Administrator access
User has Administrator access
User can choose their own hardware purchases
Hardware lifecycle management
Computer hardware repairs
Security protection: Utilization of Applocker, which restricts which applications are allowed to run, minimizing the risk of virus or malware infection
Repair compromised computer
In-person visits annually as needed
Monthly cost $20/month $50/month


** Note that the Baseline Software Update Service does not provide the same level of service as IMSS' Managed Computing Service. Items not covered by the Baseline Software Update Service:

  • Proactive management of your computer other than for the specified applications
  • Installation or management of other software titles other than for the specified applications
  • Proactive hardware lifecycle replacement
  • Proactive security management, such as using Applocker or Bitlocker, restricting where apps can run, or preventing you from using an administrative account on your computer
  • Cleaning a compromised computer as part of the service

Assistance with additional applications or software may still be requested from the Help Desk at the regular rate of $77/hour after the first free hour. Compromised machines may also be repaired by the Help Desk at the regular rate of $77/hour after the first free hour.