Email Forwarding

For assistance with adding, removing or updating your forwarding email, please submit a request via (Request Type: IMSS > Email & Calendar > Forwarding Email (Add/Remove/Update) Request Form).

Please note that IMSS only offers direct forwards; store & forward is no longer an option. Requests by Caltech staff to forward mail offsite are also subject to supervisor approval.

NOTE: To fight spam, many email service providers have tightened restrictions on sending and receiving mail. One result of these restrictions is that mail forwarded to these service providers (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, Apple) may be spam filtered or outright rejected. Because we don't control the destination server for messages forwarded offsite, we cannot guarantee 100% email delivery, or determine what happened to an undelivered message after it exited Caltech's mail servers. As a result, IMSS does not recommend forwarding email outside of Caltech.

Please consider the following: 

  1. Instead of forwarding your Caltech email, configure your destination email service to retrieve your Caltech mail. For example, Gmail can be configured to retrieve email via POP.  
  2. If a forward is absolutely necessary, request a direct forward via (Request Type: IMSS > Email & Calendar > Forwarding Email). NOTE: IMSS no longer offers a store and forward option, and requests by Caltech staff to forward mail offsite are subject to supervisor approval.
  3. Encourage your correspondents to email your destination address directly.