Windows My Documents Folder Redirection


The following details how user data is synchronized between the user's "My Documents" folder, and their home folder share on FILES (

Windows "My Documents" Folder Redirection Example

A user creates a data object, such as the text file called "Desktop Test.txt" in the image below, in their "My Documents" folder.

After creating the text file, if the user opens the redirected location (N:\\Documents) where their documents are synchronized with the server, the text file is not currently be present.

When the user logs off the Windows computer, such as clicking the "Start Menu" and selecting "Log Off"...

..and selects the "Log Off" button on the "Log Off Windows" dialog box...

...the Synchronizing status window will appear showing the user data getting synchronized with the server...

...and will quickly show a successful completion, and now log the user completely off the local computer.

If the user logs back onto the local computer, and opens their "Documents" folder on their home folder share on FILES (N:\\Documents), their synchronized data should now be on both the local computer and the server.

If you have any questions about this, please contact the IMSS Help Desk at (request type IMSS-->Desktop Support-->Other) or x3500.