Beavernet Configuration for Mac OSX

This document describes the steps necessary to use the Caltech BeaverNet wireless network with a Macintosh computer running OS X V10.4.2 or later, with an Apple AirPort Extreme card.

Configure DHCP for the AirPort

1. Open the System Preferences and select Network

2. Configure the AirPort by selecting AirPort.

3. Configure IPv4 to use DHCP.

Turn the AirPort on

4. If the AirPort is not already on, pull down the AirPort menu and turn on the AirPort by selecting Turn AirPort On. Otherwise, skip to Step 5.

5. Select the Caltech BeaverNet network from the available networks.

Enter your access.caltech (IMSS) credentials

6. Soon after selecting BeaverNet, a dialog will appear requesting authorization credentials. This is part of the 802.1X authentication system. Enter your access.caltechusername and password in the supplied fields. Click OK to continue.


Confirm the 802.1X server certificate

7. To provide continued security you will need to confirm and accept the server certificate presented by the Caltech wireless system. A dialog will appear allowing you to accept the certificate. Click Continue

The network should be available for use now.