Required Qualifications for CITNet Cabling Contractors

The following requirements must all be met in order to be considered a qualified bidder for cabling contractors wishing to bid on any cabling job that will involve either the voice or data networks at Caltech.

This is a preliminary list and is not approved yet.

  • Must be a Panduit certified vendor
  • The company must have been in business for the last 5 (?) years
  • Must have been certified at least one year prior to bidding on the job; prefer three years (?)
  • Must provide at least 3 qualifying references of jobs of a similar size and scope, performed as Panduit-certified jobs, within the last 3 years; at least one of the references must be in the southern California area; Caltech VDN personnel will request one or more site visits of the references and contact the other references in order to verify quality of workmanship; VDN will not approve a contractor without performing a reference check prior to job bid
  • Must have a current, registered BICSI RCDD on staff and supervising the proposed job
  • Installers must be PanGen trained and certified
  • Must be proposing an end-to-end Panduit (PanGen) Certified Solution and provide the certification at the completion of the job