International Travel with Verizon iPhones

The iPhone 4 on Verizon does not have GSM capability. This means the Verizon iPhone will not work in Europe or other countries using GSM technology. It will work in China, Mexico, and some countries in South American and the Caribbean. Please contact the Telephone Office to confirm whether you will have service at your destination.


Notify the Telephone Office at least one week before traveling internationally. We will enable international roaming and international long distance for your mobile number. All calls made and received while outside the U.S. are billed at per minute rates that range from $0.69/minute to $2.89/minute.

For rates for specific countries, please contact the Telephone Office at x5995.


To avoid steep usage charges for data while traveling internationally with the iPhone, you will need to either turn off data roaming or add an international data plan.

Turn off data roaming– This option removes your ability to use any data features, including email and web browsing, while traveling.

  • Tap the Settings button
  • Tap the General option
  • Tap the Network option
  • Slide the Data Roaming Slider to Off

Add international data plan– This option gives you a limited amount of international data usage for a set price. Please contact the Telephone Office for current information.

Even with an international data package, it is critical that you set your email delivery option to Fetch/Manual. This will prevent your email from being forwarded to your iPhone except when you manually request it.