Administrative Applications List

You may login to these applications via access.caltech. Please note: Some applications may require additional approvals. For more information, please review the Applications Access Forms or contact your supervisor.



1098T with Tab Services

​The 1098T is a year-end report used for tax reporting by students/parents. The IRS made changes so that we will report on qualified payments, when we were previously reporting on qualified charges.

Advance to Oracle Gift Interface Queries

Advance to Oracle Gift Interface Queries allows a user to view posted Advance gift and pledge transactions that have been extracted for interfacing into Oracle GL and Grants Accounting.


AdvanceCaltech is the institute's donor management database for recording and tracking engagement of those who provide philanthropic support to Caltech

Advocate Title IX

Advocate Title IX is the system used for Title IX case management.


AiM Customer Portal

Facilities Service Request allows you to submit maintenance requests for Caltech facilities and grounds.

Alternate Emails

Alternate Emails provides access to view, add, update alternate email addresses for Caltech users.

Applicant Tracking System

Applicant Tracking System is a talent management solution to source and recruit candidates and to onboard employees.

Building Space Data System

Building Space Data System application allows users to easily search, view, update, and export information about buildings and rooms.

Bursar Billing and Payment (CASHNet)

Bursar Billing and Payment (CASHNet) is used by students, faculty, staff, or authorized designees to view Bursar statements and make payments.

Caltech Help

Caltech Help is a request tracking system for IMSS, Card Office, Procurement, and GPS. Human Resources and other groups will soon join this system. Caltech Help allows you to submit and track support requests, as well as view your request history.

CardQuest (P-Card)

​CardQuest allows users to book Caltech business travel for themselves or  for others through the CardQuest travel portal in association with  Caltech's preferred travel agency, FCm Travel Solutions. CardQuest also  allows users to reconcile both travel and goods and services purchase  card (P-Card) expenses.

Compensation Workbench

​Compensation Workbench is used for recording Annual Salary Increase rewards for eligible employees. This includes making changes to their base salary and bonuses. This application also allows managers to view a snapshot of an employee's job and salary history as well as other employment details. The tool is live/open for data entry for 8-10 weeks between July and September. For the remainder of the year it is available in read-only mode.

Conflict of Interest

Conflict of Interest allows faculty and certain staff members to identify and disclose any interests that may conflict with their duties at Caltech. It also helps Caltech to stay in compliance with various regulations

Controlled Substance Tracking

Controlled Substance Tracking is used for managing and tracking controlled substances used in research.

Cost Transfers

Cost Transfers is used to request, approve, and submit cost transfers for processing in Oracle Grants Accounting.

Course Book Requirements (AdoptaText)

​Course Book Requirements (AdoptaText) handles book adoption and library reservations.  It allows Faculty to tell the Institute which books and other material students need for their classes. In addition, it informs the library which books or other resources to place on reserve.

Data Warehouse (Cognos)

Data Warehouse (Cognos) is a reporting tool that gathers and analyzes data from the central administrative systems. It takes large amounts of data from various source systems and converts it into meaningful information.

Data Warehouse (OBI) 

Data Warehouse(OBI) is a reporting tool that gathers and analyzes data from the central administrative systems. It will eventually replace the older Cognos system, as we implement one datamart at a time. 

Directory Mailer

Directory Mailer allows an approved and trained group of "gatekeepers" to send email to the Caltech community.  

Disclose Disability Status

Disclose Disability Status enables staff and faculty to voluntarily disclose disabilities.

Division Personnel Management (DPM)

Division Personnel Management allows authorized administrators to view and maintain records of their division-affiliated personnel, initiate faculty action forms, and perform other personnel management functions.

DPM: CollegeNet Score Import

CollegeNET Score Import is used by the Dean of Graduate Studies department to upload GRE and TOEFL scores from ETS to CollegeNET.

DPM: Grad Payroll (gPay)

Graduate Assistantship and Student Fellowship payroll system that allows option admins to input and maintain payroll transactions.


​EiS  Reporting Tool addresses end users’ Real-Time Transactional Reporting needs for Oracle E-Business suite. EiS comes with Pre-Built metadata (reports and views), utilizes 100% EBS security, and allows you to run your reports in Excel. 

Electronic Paycheck Stub (Online Payslip)

Electronic Paycheck Stub (Online Payslip) allows you to view your electronic paycheck stub details as of January 1 2012. You may also print out your pay stubs from here.

Electronic W2 (online W2)

Form W2 is used by employers to report wages and other types of compensation paid to an employee. This form is also used to report the amount of employment taxes, if any, withheld from an employee's gross income.

Equipment Image Viewer

Equipment Image Viewer allows you to view photos of Caltech-tagged property.

Equipment Tracking

Equipment Tracking (ETS) manages Caltech's capitalized equipment inventory and allows users to search, view, and export information about equipment held in Oracle Fixed Assets. The campus also uses this application to request changes to equipment status (e.g. disposition, retirement, transfer).

Facilities Management System (AiM)

AiM allows the campus to submit service requests and Facilities and Student Affairs to create and track work order details in support of campus daily operations.  AiM is also used for Space and Asset tracking, equipment history, and project management.

Financial Projection Tool

Financial Projection Tool uses Data Warehouse (Cognos) Grants Accounting and Labor Distribution data to enable you to create projections for your PTA(s) with 'what if' scenarios.

Financial Queries

Financial Queries provides a view of financial queries such as the PTA Query, CIT Salary Cap Calculator, Equipment Screening, Concurrent Request Queue, etc.

GL Balances and JE Detail Query

GL Balances and JE Detail Query allows you to view GL account balances by period and drill down to the journal line detail for an individual account or range of accounts.

Graduate Admission System (CollegeNet)

CollegeNET is used by the academic options and the Graduate Studies Office to manage the graduate student admissions process.

Grants Proposal

Grants Proposal is used by the Office of Research Ad ministration to record and track grant proposals.

Gym Membership

Gym Membership enables Caltech staff, faculty, and Postdocs to enroll in or withdraw from Gym membership. Changes to membership plans can also be made via this link.

Internal Charges (IC/WIC/PIC)

Internal Charges is used to enter Web Internal Charges (Caltech-internal purchases) and Personal Internal Charges (items billed to UID).

IRB Submission and Review

IRB Submission and Review is used to submit protocols for human subject research for review by Caltech's Institutional Review Board (IRB).

ISSM (was fsaAtlas)

International Student & Scholar Management provides the Caltech International Scholar Services office (ISS) the ability to file paperwork on behalf of the Institute with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service and the Department of Labor for international postdoctoral scholars, students, and visitors at Caltech

My Benefits

MyBenefits is the enrollment system for Caltech benefits. MyBenefits allows you to add or remove dependents and to specify medical, dental, and other benefit options, as well as Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account contributions.

My Financial Aid

My Financial Aid allows you to access your Financial Aid profile and related information.

My Housing

My Housing is used by students and postdocs to submit housing forms to manage their application renewals, to manage stay-dates, to enroll in the lottery process, etc. Housing and Facilities staff use My Housing to manage the housing forms process.

My Learn

MyLearn allows you to manage, deliver, and track online and classroom-based training using the Oracle Learn tool.

My Personal Information (MPI)

My Personal Information allows you to update your personal information, including campus and home addresses, phone numbers, and emergency contacts.

My Student Documents

My Student Documents allows you to view and print documents that have been sent to you by the Bursar and Financial Aid Offices. This link is not used for loan documents, which may accessed from the Bursar website (

OLAR Services

OLAR Services is used by the Technical Services group to enter data from Technical Services and Per Diem logs into the CLAS system.

Oracle Applications

Oracle Applications are used for Institute-wide financial and human resources management. These applications include Human Capital Management, General Ledger, Grants Accounting, Labor Distribution, Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Receivables, Fixed Assets, and Payroll.

Oracle Data Error Identification (ODEI)

Oracle Data Error Identification identifies setup and data errors in Oracle and notifies the appropriate administrative area for corrective action. The application also allows IMSS Analysts to add or modify validation queries.


Parking allows you to register your vehicles online for campus parking permits.

Parking Enforcement


Parking Enforcement provides permit, vehicle registration, and other information the parking enforcement officers require for issuing citations and warnings. Mobile & Desktop capable. 

Payroll Distribution Confirmation (PDC)

Payroll Distribution Confirmations is used by Award Managers and Faculty twice annually to verify and certify reasonableness of the distribution of payroll charges to sponsored awards.

PTA Setup

The Project, Task, Award (PTA) setup application is an on-line request system for campus departments to submit new PTA requests. The requests are routed to the appropriate central finance department for review and approval before they are created in Oracle Grants Accounting.

Repository for Administrative Documents and Records (RADR)

RADR is used to share documents between central and academic administrative areas

Rapid Recon Lookup

RapidRecon Lookup allows you to query your past Purchasing Card (PCard) and travel expenses.

Registrar's Information Systems (REGIS)

Registrar's Information Systems (REGIS) offers online course enrollment for students and schedule approval for advisors. Degree audits, unofficial transcripts, and requests for official transcripts are available to students and advisors. Class roll sheets are also available to instructors and TAs.

Sprintax Tax Prep

Sprintax Tax Prep is designed to assist individuals who are nonresidents for tax purposes prepare a U.S. federal income tax return (Form 1040NR or 1040NR-EZ).

Student Systems (Exeter)

​Student Systems (EXETER) is used by Student Affairs to manage the  activities of the Registrar, Bursar, Housing, Mail Services,  Undergraduate Dean's Office, the Graduate Dean's Office, Athletics, etc.

Teacher Quality Feedback Report (TQFR)

​The Teaching Quality Feedback application collects students' course evaluations at the end of each term.

TechMart Purchasing

TechMart Purchasing is used for the ordering and purchase requisitioning of products and services. Users can select products from multiple online supplier catalogs at Institute-negotiated contract pricing. Please use your access.caltech credentials to log in.

Ticket Archive

Ticket Archive is a search system that allows you to look up historical ticket requests created in T-Reqs and Remedy.

Timekeeping (Kronos - Java)

Time Keeping (Kronos) allows employees to track time worked, vacation, sick time, and other types of leave. Managers and Payroll Activity Monitors (PAMs) are also able to review and approve an employee's timecard. This version supports a limited array of operating systems and browsers.

Timekeeping Limited (Kronos Limited - HTML)

Time Keeping Limited (Kronos Limited) allows employees to track time worked, vacation, sick time, and other types of leave. Managers and Payroll Activity Monitors (PAMs) are also able to review and approve an employee's timecard. This is the recommended version for most customers and the only version that works with Macs and Linux systems.

Training and Professional Development

Training and Professional Development allows you to manage, deliver, and track online and classroom-based training using the Oracle Learning Management tool.

United Way

Caltech United Way campaign enables people to contribute to the United Way by one-time donations or through payroll deduction.