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Multiple Systems Maintenance - August 24-25, 2019

On August 24-25, mandatory system and security patches will be applied to Oracle Applications, Time Keeping (Kronos), OBI Data Warehouse, Caltech Advance, and other dependent services. These systems will be unavailable starting Saturday morning at 6:00AM, August 24. Depending upon circumstances, we could finish on Saturday or require some time on Sunday.   

Although ...

VPN issue

5:22pm: Caltech VPN appears to be functioning again. Please report any further issues to the Help Desk (x3500,

8/15/2019 4:22pm: IMSS is aware of an issue affecting Caltech VPN. We are working on the problem and will post further updates as they become available.

Zoom Flaw Leaves Webcam On

A security flaw in Zoom for Mac allowed unauthorized access of your webcam. IMSS recommends taking the following steps to secure your devices:

New Look for My Personal Information

My Personal Information has a new look. This application allows you to update your personal information, including campus and home addresses, phone numbers, and emergency contacts. To access My Personal Information, login to and look under the Self Service section.

Wired & Wireless Networks Scheduled Outage – Saturday, June 29, 8AM-12PM

UPDATE 6/29/2019 10:46  AM - The maintenance is now complete

All wired and wireless network services will experience intermittent interruptions during the maintenance period. Maintenance is required on the network equipment connecting campus to the internet.

We do not anticipate any issues after the maintenance. However, if you have trouble connecting to the wired or...

Issue with Campus Phone Calls

5/30/2019 8:30AM - The interruptions in landline phone service between the Caltech campus and external lines have been resolved. AT&T will continue to monitor the situation over the next 48 hours. If you continue to have issues regarding outgoing or incoming calls, please contact the IMSS Help Desk at x3500 or

5/29/2019 1:...

Critical Windows RDP issue - patch now!

A severe vulnerability in the Windows Remote Desktop service, which can be exploited pre-authentication and requires no user interaction, has been discovered to affect older versions of Windows, up to and including Windows 7.  Microsoft has released patches for affected versions, including versions of Windows that are no longer officially supported, due to fears that this vulnerability ...

Scam warning: "Are you available?” (I need you to buy gift cards).

University campuses, including ours, are seeing a recent increase in a particular type of email-based scam, in which criminals impersonate faculty or staff with the goal of tricking their victims into buying gift cards.  This type of scam, known as "gift card fraud", is lucrative for criminals, and the lost funds are virtually impossible to recover.

Protect yourself ...

Resolved - Network Shares Unavailale

5/11 12:30PM - The issue has been resolved. If you were experiencing this problem, please reboot your computer. If you continue to experience this issue after rebooting, please contact the IMSS Help Desk at x3500. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

5/10 9:30AM - Users are reporting issues connecting to their shared drives. IMSS is working on resolving the issue. We will...

Resolved - SharePoint, OneDrive, and Planner Unavailable

5/2 - 2:10PM -- Service has been restored. We will continue to monitor the situation. 

SharePoint, OneDrive, and Planner are currently unavailable. The issue is being investigated by Microsoft. We will post updates as they become available. 

Echo360 Server Retiring April 2nd

Caltech’s Echo360 lecture capture solution for recording courses, seminars, and workshops has migrated to the cloud. After April 2, 2019, links to recordings made before September 2017 will no longer be accessible. Please contact Academic Media Technologies ( to request new links to your migrated content.

Unauthorized print jobs

Many networked printers here and at other sites recently began exhibiting problems in which the printer spewed out all of its available paper by printing out advertisements, offensive pictures and text, or gibberish.  

IMSS does not recommend leaving networked printers exposed to the public Internet, since typically there are a variety of abuse-prone services enabled on such p...

Unix Webmail Retired - October 1, 2018

Unix Webmail is now retired. To access your email on the web, please log in to Office 365 webmail at


Applications Compatibility with Firefox ESR 60, Safari 12 & Java 8u181

New versions of Firefox including ESR 60, Safari 12, and Java 8u181 will affect compatibility with some of our applications, including: 

  • Time Keeping (Kronos) 
    The full-featured Java version of Time Keeping (Kronos) will not work with newer versions of Firefox nor Safari 12. Instead, please use Internet Explorer 11 with Java 8u181 or higher, or use Time Ke...

Incompatibility Issues with MacOS and Safari Updates

The latest Safari update and Mac OS X Mojave are incompatible with Caltech applications that use Java, which include the Oracle Applications and Kronos Timekeeping. If you use any of these applications as part of your Caltech work, please do not update the OS or Safari on your Mac at this time. IMSS will provide more information as we work on a resolution for this issue. ...

Box for iOS 10 will no longer be supported

Upon the release of iOS 12, Box will no longer continue support for iOS 10. This means:

  • Users will no longer be able to receive new app updates if they are on iOS 10
  • Users will no longer receive any fixes or new features for the Box app on iOS 10
  • The latest version of the app on iOS 10 is still functional at this time

The iOS devices ...

New Look for Electronic Payslip

Effective August 25th, an Oracle update will change the look of the Electronic Payslip home page to a dashboard with graphs and access to PDF documents of your payslips. For questions about this, please contact the Help Desk (x3500,,

Email security update may require re-login

As part of our efforts to improve email security, IMSS is making an Office 365 configuration change on Monday, March 26. One effect of this change is that users may be asked to re-authenticate on their email client. After, March 26th, if prompted to sign in again, please do so as shown in the images below. You will only need to do this once. If ...

Red Hat Satellite Upgrade

Red Hat Satellite v5, has reached end of life and will be decommissioned on Monday, November 27th. After November 27th, please follow instructions below to upgrade your servers to the new Red Hat Satellite v6 system.

Please issue the following commands as root:

"mv /etc/sysconfig/rhn/systemid /etc/sysconfig/rhn/systemid.bck"

Docushare Phish

Many Caltech recipients received one or more messages this afternoon claiming to be about an important document being shared via Docushare. This message is a fake, designed to steal your access.caltech credentials and should be deleted immediately. If you clicked the link and tried to log in, please change your access.caltech password right away or co...

Box - New web experience

Box has announced a new and improved, more personalized user experience on the web. This is a change for look and feel, your content will not be impacted. This new Box web experience will replace the existing interface on September 8.

Box new experience, includes:


Update: Ransomware In The News

A new ransomware outbreak began early in the morning on June 27th, involving a different variant known as Petya, or PetyaWrap.  Petya takes a different approach to encrypting the victim's files, but as with Wannacry, the best defense is prevention with good securi...

Changes to Hardware Repair Service

Effective immediately, IMSS will no longer offer in-house printer or Mac warranty repair. While we encourage you to continue to contact the Help Desk as a first resource to determine if your issue is a hardware problem, IMSS recommends working with the following local vendors for hardware repair: 

  • For Mac warranty repairs, contact Caltech Wired for authorized service (...

Runaway unauthorized print jobs

Many networked printers here and at other sites are exhibiting problems in which the printer spews out all of its available paper with printed gibberish.  This appears to be an unintended side effect of a network attack tool in recent use, which searches for unsecured FTP services.  Some printers include an FTP service by default, and certain models react badly when they receive im...

Beware fake campus emergency alerts

Caltech and other universities have been receiving phish that claim to come from Campus Security about a situation on campus. They contain a link that will either take you to a fake login page or to a page infected with malware. Since any link in a real Caltech Alert email is optional we recommend never clicking on any link in such an email.

For more inform...