Registered Network Configuration for Linux

Before connecting to the Caltech Registered network, you must first register the hardware (i.e. MAC) address of your wireless card. Click here if you need help locating your wireless MAC address. To register, please use this form.

Most recent versions of Linux come with a graphical network manager tool that can be used to connect to the Caltech wireless networks. There were some earlier versions of the network manager that did not work reliably but this issue has been resolved with the most recent versions of Linux. There may be situations where a command line approach is preferable, but users are strongly encouraged to use the graphical tools whenever possible. The complexities of wireless networking are greatly simplified that way.

Command line instructions are here if you need them:
Command line instructions using Ubuntu as an example

Connecting to Caltech Registered with the Graphical Network Manager

To configure Linux for wireless, first locate the Network Manager icon. It will usually be located in the task bar of your desktop. Consult your distribution's user guide if you need the specific location.

Clicking on the Network Manager icon should bring up a menu with the available wireless networks, as in the illustration below.

You should see the Caltech wireless networks, and perhaps some others. If you don't see Caltech Registered, try the "More networks" item and see if it is there. Once you have located Caltech Registered, choose that item from the menu.

The Network Manager icon will indicate activity for a brief period. If your connection is successful, you should see a message indicating you are connected to Registered.

When you want to disconnect from Registered, choose the Disconnect item under Caltech Registered in the Network Manager menu.

You should see a brief message indicating that you have successfully disconnected.

Connecting to Caltech Registered using the command line

1. Open a Terminal window.

2. Use "su" to become root, or use the "sudo" command to execute the commands that follow in the steps below.

3. To list the wireless interfaces on your computer, use the "iwconfig" command. The default wireless interface is usually "wlan0".

4. To see a list of wireless network SSIDs available, use the "iwlist scan" command. The "Caltech Registered" SSID should be listed if you're within range of a wireless access point.

5. To connect to the Caltech Registered network, use the following command.

    iwconfig wlan0 essid "Caltech Registered"

6. In order for the wireless interface to receive an IP address, use the "sudo dhclient wlan0" command.

7. Check to see if you received an IP Address by using the "ifconfig" command. A valid IP address would be in the range. If the assigned IP address is within this range, then you have successfully connected to and are ready to use the Caltech Registered wireless network. However, if you have good wireless signal but are unable to obtain a valid IP address, then it's possible your MAC address is not registered. Contact us at (request type IMSS-->Network, Wireless & Remote Access-->Cannot connect to-->Wireless)to check if your wireless MAC is registered or to register a new MAC address.