Signup Form for Registered Wireless Network

The Caltech Registered network is available to users with access.caltech credentials only. If you are not eligible for access.caltech credentials, please use the Caltech Guest network. If you are eligible for access.caltech credentials but do not yet have an account, please see how to get an access.caltech account.

To access the Caltech Registered network, the hardware or MAC address of your wireless card must be registered with the network as a form of authentication. Apple calls this address the AirPort ID but it is the same thing. This will be a different address than the address of your Ethernet (i.e. wired) card. When you locate your MAC address, copy and paste if you can. Depending on the font used, certain characters can look very similar. For instance, B, 3, 8, 6 might be easily confused. The network will check the registered address against the address your computer sends on the network so it has to be exactly the same. Click here for instructions on how to find your wireless MAC address.

To request Registered Wireless Network access for yourself, complete the form at

Once you have logged in to Caltech Help, use the dropdown menus to select the request type:

IMSS > Network, Wireless & Remote Access > Wireless Device Registration

Another way to request Registered Wireless access on behalf of yourself or someone else is to send the access.caltech username and MAC address to