Web Development

Web Development

In Academic Development Services group (ADS) we write web software in support of instruction and research. Our focus is on agile, iterative software development, and advanced automated tools to manage the deploy and support of our software, both locally and in the cloud.

Web Sites

ADS has built a number of web sites with various technologies, and has recently finished work on the redesigned www.caltech.edu. Some sites that we have built are:

Web Applications

  • Cataloger
  • Adoptatext
  • TQFR
  • Access.Caltech
  • Account Activator
  • TMT People Data System
  • dropbox.caltech.edu
  • directory.caltech.edu

Cloud Architecture & Automation

ADS has built an advanced, highly automated infrastructure in the Amazon AWS cloud. We've worked extensively with their API.
We also work with the Google API.
For more information, please contact us at ads@caltech.edu.

Web Development