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Serious Java 1.7.x Vulnerability

A serious vulnerability has been found in Java 1.7, which allows execution of arbitrary code on the victim's computer. All that is necessary for exploitation to occur is to inadvertently visit a malicious website using a browser with Java 1.7.x enabled.

Oracle has released a new update to address this security issue, Windows 8 Now Available

Windows 8 is now available for download at Please note that Windows 8 must be activated after installation to work properly. Click here for activation instructions.

Where Are the Application Links?

As part of the IMSS website redesign, we’ve moved our applications links to the access.caltech homepage ( so all of our applications can be accessed from a single place. Note that applications status and news can still be found on the IMSS website. If you have trouble locating an application, please contact us at

Caltech VPN Compatibility with Mountain Lion

The current version of the Caltech VPN Client (Cisco AnyConnect) has, in limited testing, been found to be compatible with the Mountain Lion release of Mac OS. Users who have not connected to VPN in a month or more should establish a VPN connection to obtain the current version of the client before upgrading to Mountain Lion. Users for whom using VPN is critical may want to wait and see whet...

access.caltech Improvements coming July 27

On July 27th, access.caltech will be updated with several improvements. The list of services will be better organized so you can more quickly and easily find what you need. Clearer descriptions and additional helpful information are also being added for all services. You can view these changes on July 27th by logging in at

Fake Email from Maplesoft

Some Maplesoft users have been receiving email that indicate a new patch for Maple software is available. Recipients of this message receive an attachment called which they are asked to extract using the password MapleSecuirityUpdate1707. Please be advised that this patch did not originate from Maplesoft and should not be opened under any circumstances. A second version of th...

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Incompatible with Caltech Beavernet Wireless Network

Android users should be aware that Android 4.1 Jelly Bean fails to connect to the Caltech Beavernet wireless network. This is apparently the same OpenSSL bug affecting Linux users. Affected users will need to use the Registered wireless network until the bug is fixed. Please consider carefully before upgrading.

Matlab Toolbox Usage Survey

IMSS would like your input on the specific Matlab Toolbox licenses that you use for your Caltech work. Your feedback is essential in helping us decide which licenses we will continue to maintain. To take the survey, please visit Survey participants can enter to win a $100 gift card.

New IMSS Website

The IMSS website has been redesigned to make information about our services and support easier to find. Please feel free to send us feedback about the new website design to

Maple 11, 12 & 13 License Server Retired

On July 12, 2012 the Maple license server that hosted Maple 11, 12 and 13 was retired. This means that all network installations of Maple 11, 12 and 13 have cease to function. Note that standalone installations for Maple 11, 12 and 13 are not affected. If you previously used network Maple 11, 12 or 13, please begin using either the network installation of Maple 14, or any other standalone ve...

Internet Explorer Vulnerability

An unpatched vulnerability in Microsoft's XML Core Services is currently being exploited via Internet Explorer. This flaw can expose Windows users to remote code execution attacks with little or no user action: inadvertently visiting a malicious website would be enough. Note that while web-based exploitation seems to be the most common form of attack for this vulnerability at present, it...

Reduced Pricing for IMSS HPC Service

IMSS' High Performance Computing (HPC) pay-as-you-go service has significantly reduced its pricing. The new core hour rate is $0.08 per core hour, and storage is now $0.07 per GB. In addition to saving over 50% with this new pricing, new users are given an initial 500 free core hours. Also, further planned upgrades will soon be completed, providing much faster service. The HPC service is...

Matlab Servers are Campus Restricted

Effective May 17th, access to the Matlab license servers is restricted to the campus networks (same as This means that if using Matlab from off campus, you will need to use VPN. We made this change as part of an effort to ensure that Matlab resources are being used only for Caltech purposes and to discourage use by those not affiliated with Caltech. If you have not pre...

Java Vulnerabilities

All computers with Java installed need to be updated to the current version as soon as possible. Macintoshes are being infected at a rapid rate by a malicious program called Flashback, which exploits recent Java vulnerabilities via malicious websites. Mac users should update using Apple's Software Update as soon as possible. Windows computers are also vulnerable to a variety of malicious...

Problems with BeaverNet Connections and Upcoming Linux Versions

Linux users should be aware that pre-release versions of Ubuntu 12.04 have failed to establish certain types of encrypted wireless connections. The encryption used by Caltech BeaverNet is one of them. If you use Linux, and wireless is vital to your life and work at Caltech, please consider carefully before upgrading to the new version. Other Linux distributions are affected as well. Upgra...

New Campus Resource:

IMSS announces a new resource for finding campus forms in one central location: The forms site is organized by department and it offers a form search function. To add or update any forms, please e-mail

High Performance Computing (HPC) Service

IMSS now offers a High Performance Computing (HPC) pay-as-you-go service. This service is ideal for faculty and research groups that do not have the resources to run their own HPC systems, which usually require large financial resources to maintain the required hardware and infrastructure. With IMSS' HPC service, you simply pay based upon usage and storage. For additional details and ...

Benefits Annual Enrollment 2012

Benefits Annual Enrollment for 2012 is closed. To review your Annual Enrollment Confirmation Statement, please log on to access.caltech.

Google captchas while using Caltech Wireless

Recently, users on the Caltech wireless networks have had Google searches interrupted by a "captcha", which Google uses to prevent automated software programs from abusing Google's services. Caltech's wireless networks use Network Address Translation (NAT) to conserve public IP addresses, which can trigger Google's detection mechanism, since multiple computers will s...

IMSS Remote Help

IMSS now offers a Remote Help tool that allows you to remotely share your Windows or Mac desktop with our Help Desk support team. For most issues, this tool allows us to assist you without having to make a site visit, so problems are resolved faster and more efficiently. Remote Help is simple to use and secure -- please visit for more informatio...

DropBox for Exchanging Large Files

The Caltech DropBox is a file exchange center for files too large to be sent via e-mail. Since the Caltech mail system limits e-mail attachment sizes, DropBox is a great alternative for sending files up to 2GB. DropBox does not require the use of a special client and can be used with all operating systems. The URL for each uploaded file is unique and randomized and files are deleted after 24...

Microsoft Office 2010 Training

Computer based training (CBT) videos for Microsoft Office 2010 are available at Get familiar with the Office 2010 ribbon and with basic tasks in Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access and OneNote. Note that access to these videos requires a Caltech network connection; if you are off campus, please use Using Caltech VPN with Mac OS X Lion

Cisco has released a version of the Caltech VPN client which is compatible with Mac OS Lion. However, recent changes in the Mac OS require us to change our installation procedure. Please see Caltech VPN Mac OS X Client Configuration Instructions for essential information on installing the Caltech VPN client on Mac OS Lion.

VPN 3000 Retired June 30, 2011

Effective June 30, 2011, the VPN 3000 system retired and was replaced with the Caltech VPN (AnyConnect) service. The new Caltech VPN service is a large improvement over VPN 3000 since it provides full 64-bit Windows 7 and Vista support and is easier to install and use. For more information about Caltech VPN or to sign up for VPN access, visit Kronos Upgrade

Effective May 23rd, the Kronos timecard system was upgraded. Please note that the new version of Kronos requires Java 6 Update 24 or newer. Your internet browser may automatically prompt you to install the Java update or you can visit to update your Java plug-in. You may also get an Activex add-on warning if using Internet Explorer, for which you will n...